Diana has directed award-winning documentaries with a focus upon trauma-recovery and inclusive communities. She believes in the power of film to increase empathy in the world.

From Trauma to Peace – Documentary Feature Film 2015, Director

Kamal, a young Rwandan boy, suffered many atrocities. The scenes of his mother dying of AIDS and his uncle being killed in front of him during the 1994 genocide were always before his eyes. A massacre he witnessed in a refugee camp in Uganda added to those terrifying images; images that were always in front of him, like they were happening today. The traumas of the past haunted him. They gripped him in fear and limited his ability to move into a hopeful future.

Then, a team of therapists brought TFT or tapping (a unique healing modality using the body’s meridian system) to the orphanage. Kamal began tapping, struggling to focus on the horrid past, but within minutes, he jumped up and shouted, “It’s gone! It’s gone!” He danced around the room. He pulled his therapist up and danced with him. He dashed outside and ran around joyfully. He came back in and hugged his therapist. He became free of the past. Kamal can now feel joy, and he can focus on his future.

From Trauma to Peace shares the individual stories of Rwandan genocide survivors and how a community-based approach of using TFT to treat trauma is changing lives and providing hope for the future.

The film is currently screening at film festivals internationally.
Running Time: 55:00          Visit the Website:

Between the Lines … Currently in Post-Production, Producer and Director

‘Between the Lines’ is the story of Central Park softball, told through the lens of the longest running pick-up game. The Regulars, men ranging from 18 – 85 years, gather every Sunday morning to choose teams and play ball. They are animated New Yorkers, telling stories of big money games, Jim Jensen’s CBS All-Stars, and other vanishing histories from one of our nation’s oldest public parks.

Running time: 2:58           Visit the Website:

Healing Neen… Documentary Feature (2009), Co-Producer and Co-Director

After surviving a childhood of abuse and neglect, Tonier “Neen” Cain lived on the streets for two nightmarish decades, where she endured unrelenting violence, hunger and despair while racking up 66 criminal convictions related to her addiction. Incarcerated and pregnant in 2004, treatment for her lifetime of trauma offered her a way out… and up. Her story illustrates the consequences that untreated trauma has on individuals and society at-large, including mental health problems, addiction, homelessness and incarceration. Today, she is a nationally renowned speaker and educator on the devastation of trauma and the hope of recovery.

Since its release in March 2010, Healing Neen has screened at film festivals,  college campuses, law schools, churches, the United Nations, Military bases, and hundreds of trainings and conferences on trauma, mental health, substance abuse, adult corrections, juvenile justice and social services around the world.

Running time:  54:03

Behind Closed Doors… Documentary Short (2008), Producer and Director

Behind Closed Doors tells the story of Bettina, Sandy, Valerie and Tonier who have spent decades struggling to overcome childhood abuse. Retraumatized within psychiatric hospital walls, their lives continue to spiral downward into drug abuse, sexual victimization, and homelessness

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. Their future uncertain, they turn to a non-traditional, community program, hoping to heal.

Behind Closed Doors won ‘Best Documentary’ at the 2008 All-American Film Festival and was an official selection of the 2008 Maryland Film Festival.The film has been incorporated into the conferences and trainings conducted by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and has been screened in every state and internationally, including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and Bulgaria. Audiences include professionals working in mental health, criminal justice, substance abuse, social services and juvenile services.

Running time: 19:35            Visit the website:

Life in Death… Narrative Short (2009), Producer and Director

Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “Life in Death” was later, and more popularly, known as “The Oval Portrait”. This adaptation was created by invitation for the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2009 Celebration of Poe exhibit. It is a collaborative project by Franciska Farkas, Diana Gross, and Amy Kozak.

Running Time: 6:33

Makin’ the Magic… Documentary Short (2007), Producer, Director and Camerawoman

Take a look at the making of the 2006 short film ‘The Slippers’ that tells the story of Dorothy’s granddaughter finding the ruby slippers and traveling the world. Interviews with Writer/ Director Richard Baker, Wardrobe and Set Designer Stephanie Petagno, and Editor Thom Stromer. Original score by Frank Patinella and the Sac au Lait band.

Running time: 14:00